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Lortie Aviation

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Tel: +1 (418) 875-5111
Fax: +1 (418) 875-2999

Lortie Aviation Inc uses PI from certain customers and employees. At the end of the planned and authorized use, the destruction of the PI is initiated. Our person responsible for the protection of personal information is Frédéric Baribault. It ensures that the life cycle of each of the personal information obtained is respected. Our IT security manager is Sébastien Caillé. He puts in place measures to limit access to the data we hold to authorized persons. Each of the personal information obtained is processed in accordance with the company policy, depending on the type of information and intended use. If a complaint must be made, Mr. Baribault must be contacted immediately using the contact form above. The latter will then evaluate the complaint and open the file, if necessary. He will notify the Commission and the persons whose information is concerned and he will notify the persons likely to prevent or reduce the risk of serious harm. Finally, it keeps a record of confidentiality incidents. Personal information obtained technologically is protected, through emails and an encrypted secure network.